MOVEMENT | Fall 2015

I was happy to be commissioned to illustrate the cover of the Fall 2015 issue of Movement,
the University of Michigan School of Kinesiology’s
annual departmental publication.

Some of the early abstract concepts. Some made it in, some didn't!

The artwork for this cover was very fun to come up with. The creative direction I received was in essence, to make the cover different and eye-catching, which I was of course excited to help deliver. I decided that the iconographic look of a running man would be a visually interesting starting point. This running man would represent, line to line, the various educational and political elements that comprised the kinesiology field. Of course, the visual nature of the running man embodied the physical nature of the field, but it also represented its sociological nature, the research involved, and its intrinsic focus on the evolution and innovation of the sciences. The near-abstract shapes linking to the form would further illustrate that visual symbolism.



I took on the cover once more with the Fall 2016 issue of Movement!


 This issue was creatively directed by UM Kinesiology marketing, and focused on communicating the theme of "building a better world" through the study and execution of everything connected to kinesiology. A basketball-globe amalgamation was explored to various lengths, and once decided on, incorporated with the full layout and texture that would make up the cover illustration. 


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