cinetopia international film festival

Over the course of 2014 to the present, I've worked as part of a 4-woman marketing department, helping to create promotional materials
for the Michigan Theater and Detroit Institute of Arts curated Cinetopia International Film Festival. Of my various Cinetopia related
creative duties, I am responsible for creating the festival trailers, cover artwork, and assisting with the production of the festival's other various promotional pieces, from ads and flyers to signage and brochures.



The cover of the Festival Guide for 2014 went through a process of design elimination before the final concept was settled on.
I drew upon the concept of the festival taking place between two of Michigan's most arts centric cities, and the international element of the film festival's programming at play.

The final cover (and date of the festival in 2014).

Our marketing staff agreed that in addition to fantastic programming, nothing helps promote a festival feel more than great swag!
I designed some fun buttons derived from elements of the official poster/guide cover artwork that festival goers and staff could wear.



I took on 2015's cover with the original idea of bouncing off of the elements of last year's festival. Our staff agreed to freshen things up with the
look  and feel,  and we went in a new direction that had a more pronounced tone of "film", and that nodded in the direction of the great auteur Orson Welles, whose centenary was being honored that year with a symposium curated by the University of Michigan.



2016's art direction sought to further underscore bringing the festival to Detroit, the home of the automobile, organic progressive arts culture and arguably the creative heart of Michigan. "Steampunk" was key in extracting the visual tone for the 5th edition of the festival, and the artwork reflected that along with gritty, colorful and edgy elements that set out to evoke a sense of motion—both physical and abstract. 

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