The CineManga Film Series was another film series curated by the Michigan Theater that I had the pleasure of creating a look and feel for. In collaboration with the theater's Sponsorship lead as well as the Marketing Director, I helped set the visual tone for the digital and print materials that would be used to promote the series. The series was the Michigan Theater's second very successful film series collaboration with the University of Michigan's Center for Japanese Studies, and our first film series project featuring major support from the Vault of Midnight.

CineManga digital ads-03.jpg

The direction I was given for the series look was to "draw upon the drawn" elements of the manga the films in the series were based on, while remaining visually focused on the films themselves. This visual melding of mediums was achieved by desaturating images from both the films and pages of respective manga, and additionally interplaying the line work of the manga alongside the prominently featured film stills. I chose a limited color palette that evoked the bold sophistication of some of the manga volumes I read during the phase of research, as well as the playful, "comic" elements—primarily of type choice that identify the graphic novel nature of the source material.


The printed mailer was a 6 (12) panel folded brochure featuring a series statement, and detailed descriptions of the films in the series.


As with all film series, a showglass was designed for display by the theater and the series sponsors. A Japanese translation of the poster was also designed, with the help of a UMCJS designer who specialized in Japanese language typefaces. Additionally, as with the Studio Ghibli film series, simple pre-show handouts cut from colored sheets were created that gave audiences a quick background on every film in the screening, plus some fun facts about both the film and the source manga.


Finally I cut together a trailer for the film series, which would be used to promote the series via social media and before screenings at the Michigan Theater. I took the trailer in a Marvel inspired direction, accentuated to this uniquely manga flavor via the use of inkblot masks to help evoke the nature of the films' source medium.