Welcome to the new wetcloud!

I would start the first blog post on my website's blog with the obligatory: "So, this is the first post on my new blog!" But instead I'll leave this little graphic here, to remind myself the intent of the blog, to set the tone for anyone reading my babblings here, and to hopefully reiterate what every designer worth their salt knows to constantly be in the process of doing...

To anyone reading, thanks! And I hope something I write manages to vaguely resound with you. I don't claim to be an expert on design and all its components, I only know what I know to make myself a useful resource and teammate to those who need someone with my skill-set, and I know what I like as an audience member, voyeur and aesthete.

All artists—all tradesmen & women—are in a constant process of seeking understanding and inspiration. Everything we learn, do and teach originates from a collective philosophy that is constantly evolving, constantly being added to, constantly changing. Good designers draw from that collective philosophy to create beautiful solutions for those seeking beautiful solutions. And what we learn in our process of creating those solutions, we pass on. One of our core purposes as designers is, in my opinion, to keep the fount of collective knowledge replenished and keep those beautiful solutions coming. Hopefully without pretension (other than I've already exhibited! Ha!) everything you find on my site will hopefully attest to that mission.

Thanks again for checking out my portfolio & cheers!

— H