Peace out 2015, Time for a new 365

Thanks to everyone to keeping in touch and interacting with me and my work all these years! I got to work on lots of cool things this year, and I hope to keep the trend constant in the next.

Art and design are never simply about making the paycheck, they're a part of a greater whole that is intended to help the artist improve themselves. The arts are a discipline--a muscle. And the only way to honor that discipline and to keep that muscle toned is to BE disciplined and persistent about creating. Like all my compatriots in the craft, I'm looking forward to the next big idea and the next big collaboration, and making 2016 the year I sink my claws in. Can't wait to share more work with you and, as always, as best as I can, make it happen for you.

I wish everyone the best and safest in your ventures into the brave new world. Peace out 2015, let's do this 365 again, shall we?